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Tuesday, 22nd August 2017
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Fun links

ABC for kids

Boowa and Kwala

BBC for little kids

Dinosaur Playground

The Yuckiest Site on the Web

Fun with Spot

Peep and the Big Wide World



Up To Ten.com

Yahoo Kids


Net Smartz Kids

Kids Com

Zimmer Twins



Behind the News (BTN)

Neuroscience for Kids

The World Almanac for Kids

CIA World Factbook

Questacon—The National Science and Technology Centre

Educational websites for kids

How to be cybersmart


Nursing School - Kids Guide To How the Brain Works!

Link recommended by Brittany McClaine and her pupils at the Jean Massieu Academy

Masters in Psychology Guide - Kids Guide to the Brain

Link recommended by Monica Kent and her class at the W.B. Goodwin Community Centre


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